Skills for Employability


Giving Youth the opportunity to enhance skills, overcome unemployment, and make them aware of their civic responsibility to tackle education emergency by initiating their own educational enterprise


A program that focuses, entrepreneurial and management skills
to selected individuals to enable them to open their own private

Initiated in South Punjab 400 youth trained in four districts.

Replicated in Mardan and Swabi to train 300 education
entrepreneurs, scaled up in Nowshera and Mardan for 600

The Challenge

Pakistan is facing multiple challenges regarding education and
employment. It has one of the world’s largest number of children
(25 million) out of school which includes 13.7 million (55%) girls
and 11.4 million (45%) boys. Furthermore, the education system
is unable to retain enrolled students and the overall retention rate
across provinces remains quite low. On the other hand there is a
bulge of unemployed youth. More than three million people are
unemployed in Pakistan and unemployment ratio is greater than
12:1. The youth unemployment rate is approximately three times
higher than the adult unemployment rate in Population and youth
constitute 43.7% of the world’s total unemployed population. As
the unemployment rate further increases to 6.5%, signs of a cri
sis-plagued and slowing economy are lucid.

The Opportunity

To address the problem of unemployment, CGN-PK provides
extensive trainings through this program in which each individuals
have to attend a regular training for three months. Approximately,
2400 children are the beneficiaries of this program and 60% of
the trained persons take initiative towards educational reform in
their area. The success of this program can be assessed from the
fact that out of the first batch of 218 entrepreneurs that completed
a 12 week training course (12th December 2015), 35 percent
have initiated their own educational institutions in Peshawer and

Due to this program, entrepreneur is provided technical
assistance (on job training) to implement the knowledge and skills
learnt during training. The training program focuses on enhancing
the skills related to entrepreneurship, employability,
communication, organization, problem solving, school
management, developing school business plan, interactive
teaching techniques, school registration etc. The teams of experts
have developed modules for master trainers and manuals for
trainees keeping in mind the scenario of the focused areas and
needs of the era. Children’s Global Network Pakistan provides
the ideal platform to practice their skills and enhancing

At the end of the training, CGN-P continues to provide 6-month
technical assistance to the entrepreneurs as well as a school
starting kit for those looking to establish their own facilities. The
entrepreneurs are also facilitated in registration of their
institutions, selecting of proper places, subject and course
selection, curriculum development and other technical areas.

Picture (Above): Certificate Ceremony of Entrepreneurs trained
through CGN-P skills for employability program.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is provision of shared community goals of access to
education, livelihood, peace and harmony. We aim to equip youth
with the basic principles of leadership and preparing them to work
together for aforementioned goals. Through the program we
empower qualified individuals who face the problem of
unemployment to take lead in establishing educational
enterprises. These entrepreneurs contribute to the incomes of
their families as well as improve children's access to education.
We aim to build capacity of Pakistan’s youth as leaders and make
them a role model for everyone.

Areas of Focus

Capacity building of Entrepreneurs: The unique aspect of this
program is that it builds capacities of the entrepreneurs on a
range of skills from communication, interpersonal, negotiation and
leadership. Furthermore through the unique aspect of the
program is the diversity of skills that are inculcated in the
entrepreneur through from legal modalities, entrepreneurship
management, and administration to pedagogy.

Technical assistance: Technical assistance is continuous activity
provided by CGN-P after completion of first batch training that
involves guidance, planning, counseling and facilitation of
entrepreneurs. It occurs monthly and involves the district and
head office team visits.

Network of Entrepreneurs: The unique aspect of this program is
that it creates a strong network link between the entrepreneurs
and they can benefit from this by employing them in their
educational enterprise or gain inspiration and motivation from
successful entrepreneurs.

Establishing Early Childhood Education centers: The education,
care and development of children in their early years have a
lasting impact on a variety of outcomes in the later stages of the
child’s life. Furthermore, investments in early childhood
education, care and development have large returns in terms of
improved health, education and employment outcomes for the
economy. The entrepreneurs can initiate low cost schooling
through their own ECE center.