School Improvement Program


School improvement program is an approach to revamp schools, so that all students can achieve success. As a promoter of child centered participatory approach we work with all people who have direct influence on child development, including families, communities, teachers, the government and the children themselves. We use below approach to school improvement, incorporating all of these stakeholders.

The outcome of an effective school improvement program should be child learning. Therefore children are made an active member of all activities of SIP to enhance their own learning process; they also play an important role in their school’s development. We encourage child participation in their schools through Student Representative Councils a platform where students meet together to discuss problems and come up with solutions

Child Rights

Child rights are human rights with additional rights/provisions to safeguard the care, protection, harmonious development and well-being of the child. These are contained in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and various international treaties and conventions. The Convention on the Rights of the Child is the first legally binding international instrument to incorporate the full range of human rights – civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights. It is a universally agreed set of non – negotiable standards and obligations. With these rights comes the obligation on both governments and individuals not to infringe on the parallel rights of others. It brings together in one treaty all the relevant child rights issues, rather than having them scattered among a number of international treaties. The Convention on the Rights of Child contains 54 articles, each of which details different type of right.

CGN-PK is of the stance that children enjoy and aware of their rights is crucial to allow them to reach their full potential and take their place as empowered citizens. Through this program we increase awareness among public about of rights of children rights to improves health, education and protection services for children in difficult circumstances.

Child Friendly Schools

Throughout the life, regardless of where they live, today's children will have to face change: social, political, and environmental changes, and changes in science, technology and industry. The rapid changes occurring throughout the world today make it important to nourish in children a desire for lifelong learning. In order to prepare children to be motivated learners, child friendly schools builds a foundation for the attitudes, knowledge, and skills that are vital to meet current challenges and those expected in the coming centuries. The program recognizes, values, and encourages the development of characteristics that will be needed in rapidly changing times. A child Friendly School is a school that organizes and nurtures the achievement of children’s basic rights.

CGN-PK work with all commitment-holders, especially teachers, parents/guardians of students, and values the many kinds of contribution they can make in seeking all children to go to school. CGN-PK provides facilitation in the development of a learning environment for children and effective learning quality according to the children’s current and future needs.

Awareness & Advocacy

CGN-PK has inbuilt advocacy campaigns of all projects. CGN-PK provides support to policy leaders, program administrators, teachers and care givers through its comprehensive and practical training workshops, curriculum materials, parenting resources, graphic rich advocacy material, media campaign and staff development services. Through media campaign and advocacy material CGN-PK has brought remarkable change in classroom environment and changed the attitude of the children and their Parents towards learning.

CGN-PK has a rich experience of developing media campaign through radio program and promos. CGN-PK has developed and aired program on following themes: