Shakeela Munir teaches at Ayesha Public School located in a rural area of district Lodhran. It is one of south Punjab’s low performing districts in terms of education indicators. She did not had any teacher training when she joined the school as a teacher and was employing traditional teaching methods due to which she had to face multiple challenges in classroom. Attending a five-day teachers training has change a lot for Shakeela. The training was conducted by Children’s Global Network Pakistan (CGN-P) to enhance the capacities of 180 teachers of early grades of kindergarten, grade I and grade II of 60 low-cost private schools in district Lodhran. Further, the training focused on English and Urdu phonics, importance and impact of reading in early grades, techniques of storytelling and on multiple modern interactive teaching techniques for improving children’s reading abilities by using murals, picture display, collage work and words wall.

“I learnt many techniques in the training session that are very effective while teaching initial grades. My presentation of lesson delivery at classroom has improved. I am able to involve students in activities and plan interesting interactive lessons.  I use all the learned things, methods, techniques, styles of the trainers in my class. I was surprised by the change that students became regular in my class and also became energetic. Now they are able to use their full potential in the class. They are improving their reading skills through one another. I am very contented and glad by this change.

I also came to know from the training sessions and trainers that how a teacher can be an inspiring leader and must be successful and helpful in leading the process of teaching. Now I am in good position to motivate and encourage the parents and the students to precede the learning process effectively. I realized my teaching is as the teaching of the developing countries where program cater to the psychological and emotional needs of the students to boost their cognitive and social skills.

CGN-P training gave me the opportunity to polish my teaching skills. English learning was a nightmare for me throughout my studies as well as in my teaching career. But the practice on phonics in English as well as in Urdu helped me a lot in overcoming my weak areas of both languages teaching. The trainers taught the phonics in an incredibly superior way that I geared up and also experienced the sounds of all letters. The trainer taught in a very simple way all the concepts of English language which were measured imperative for the upgrading of reading. It is possible only because of CGN-P and its talented team. I am thankful to the CGNP that gave me an opportunity to become a better teacher.”