Our Challenge

In the current times children are slowly drifting away from moral values such as honesty, integrity, non-violence etc. This is due to various factors including the content children watch on television, parental neglect amongst many others. To inculcate and embed these qualities CGN-P in collaboration with FDE has launched this Civic Education Program. The existing curriculum has been designed to make children aware of the civic values but lacks implementation. Through this program CGN-P aims to implement the program in schools all over Pakistan.

The Opportunity

CGN-P will provide the program materials for pilot schools including: DVDs, Teachers' Guides, Student Activity Books and Teacher Companion Storybooks. We will bear the cost of training of pilot school teachers and education managers, including training material, venue charges, refreshments, and remuneration to resource persons and training facilitators etc. We are also conducting a multi-modal impact assessment to measure the impact of the program. Our National Curriculum is endorsing these values and we are providing the opportunity to implement this program.

Our Strategy

The pilot project is to be implemented following the steps and activities proposed below:
Orientation of Education Managers: Senior officials of FDE/provinces will be offered a brief orientation about the project objectives, the content of 1001 Nights Storybooks and animated videos, and the methodology to be adopted.

Training of Teachers: School teachers will be offered a short training about the project, 1001 Nights stories, and instruction on the methodologies to be adopted for the delivery of civic education messages to the students. Knowledge and skills of teachers will be developed concerning civic education, the themes of the stories, and important techniques of storytelling and post-viewing/listening discussions. Teachers for training will be nominated from the schools selected for the pilot phase. A core team of eminent educators, having specialization in civic education and storytelling, will conduct these training workshops in partnership with senior lead trainers of the FDE Training Cell and Provincial Departments of Education.

Provision of Resources: CGN will provide the required number of DVDs, Teachers Guides, Student Activity Books and Companion Storybooks, in both Urdu and English for teachers and students at the schools selected for the pilot phase.

Assessment: It is pertinent to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the project and its impact on the knowledge and skills of the students as well as the expertise of teachers. In conjunction with this program, CGN will implement a multi-modal impact assessment to measure student comprehension of the content and lessons learned through their exposure to the program. Additionally, CGN in collaboration with provincial bureau of curriculum will periodically assess the frequency of use of the storybooks/DVDs in the schools in accordance with the prescribed methodology, with a view to assessing the impact and identifying gaps, problems, bottlenecks, success stories and good practices. Findings of this monitoring and evaluation will enable CGN and Education and Diversity Foundation (EDF) to consider possible improvements in the package before scaling up this project.

Our Areas of Focus

Children's learning: Stories are most effective means to communicate information (historical events, cultural norms and ethical values to the new generations -children and youth alike). Story telling synthesizes world view and thinking process of listeners The Purpose of story-telling is to embed values and, and conclude with certain real-life lessons, morals or guidance. These interactive movies widen their imagination and accelerate their mental development

Class Room Teaching Improvement: We are aiming to improve class room teaching environment through interactive teaching and activity based learning.

Skill Development: We are not only building skills of children through this interactive learning but also build the capacities of teachers who are able to utilize the resources effectively through the guidance provided. We aim to foster amongst studentsuniversal values like honesty, integrity, empathy, non-violence and the importance of respecting others.