Child Friendly Schools


Throughout the life, regardless of where they live, today's children will have to face change: social, political, and environmental changes, and changes in science, technology and industry. The rapid changes occurring throughout the world today make itimportant to nourish in children a desire for lifelong learning.In order to prepare children to be motivated learners, child friendly schools builds a foundation for the attitudes, knowledge, and skills that are vital to meet current challenges and thoseexpected in the coming centuries. The program recognizes, values, and encourages the development of characteristics that will be needed in rapidly changing times. A child Friendly School is a school that organizes and nurtures the achievement of children's basic rights.

CGN-PK work with all commitment-holders, especially teachers, parents/guardians of students, and values the many kinds ofcontribution they can make in seeking all children to go to school. CGN-PK provides facilitation in the development of a learning environment for children and effective learning quality according to the children's current and future needs.