Building Skills for Life


Our Goal is to establish Post Primary Education Centers/ Non-Formal Education Centers for girls
between ages 13 - 19 years and enhancing Access to Post Primary (elementary & secondary) schools and Life Skills Based Education (LSBE) for Girls.

Our Challenge

The greatest challenge is motivating parents in the communities which are present in rural areas where girls have no access to the schools. It can be evaluated from the data presented in the table below that the number of educational institutions for males and females in Muzaffargarh is alarmingly low.

These parents do not give importance to the girl's education or if anyone who wanted to send their daughter face opposition from other community members. This is evident from the fact that out of every 10 children 7 are not going to school in this district.

The Opportunity

Our program provides the unique opportunity of capacity building trainings of Student Representative Council and School Councils. We pride ourselves for strengthening and activating School Councils, Student Representative Councils and providing an effective and innovative annually school development plan in government post-primary girl's schools. Furthermore, we ensure that the School development plan is being followed by carrying out regularized monitoring of its implementation. To facilitate dialogue between the community members and building a positive perception regarding girl's education we have formulated school and community sessions. Additionally, enrolment campaign in the same Union Council is carried out in order to subside any glitches in the system. We also provide financial help in provision of missing Physical facilities in all 24 partner schools which include basic necessities (construction of washrooms, rooms, veranda,

Our Strategy

1)    Community Mobilization: Our strategy is to mobilize community by establishing Non-Formal Education (NFE) Centers that gives non-formal education to out of school girls that are between 13-19 years of age. Secondly, we form community based committees which provide the platform for discussion for pertinent issues such as child protection and safety for girls. These communities are highly effective as they involve a diverse group of people including parents, local opinion leader and youth groups that play an important role in the dissemination of information. Furthermore we have developed surveillance systems that change the perceptions of parents regarding their daughter's education.

2)   A Platform for Girl's To Raise Voices: Student Representative Councils (SRC) include a representative selected by students and work to enhance child rights and prevent drop outs and early marriages. These councils enhance leadership qualities and confidence amongst girls while raising important issues.

Areas of Focus

Promoting Post-Primary Education for Girls : Empowering women and girls by providing them quality education is our major focus. We have assisted diverse group of females who face the rigid attitude of society towards their education. These include those who are: unable to afford education, physically challenged with a particular disability, facing opposition from families, married and pregnant women.

Economic Empowerment: We also established vocational training institute for the females of the community as well as all NFE learners so that they become financially independent. With the requisite skills these women are able to increase their chances of being employed despite the highly competitive nature of the job market.

Enhanced awareness: Enhanced awareness of women rights is given through focus group discussion with parents, family members. We form child protection committees with the sole aim to enhance issues that girls face in this area and come together to formulate solutions. Furthermore through yearly enrollment drives we enhance our emphasis on girl's education.

Provision of Missing Facilities: We have provided missing facilities in partner schools which include electric fan, water cooler, first aid box, furniture. We have also assisted in the construction of school and provided them sports and playing equipment. Safety of schools is our prime concern and for this purpose we provided school with barbed wire for enhanced security.